Sales and purchases

Electricity trading is the process of buying and selling electrical energy in the market. It is a key area of Renpro’s operations that enables energy producers and consumers to engage in transactions, set prices, and deliver electrical energy.

Electricity trading in Renpro involves several aspects:

  • Production. Electricity trading begins with the production of electrical energy by the producers collaborating with Renpro. Electrical energy is generated from various sources such as wind, solar, hydro, agricultural and landfill biogas plants, as well as in high-efficiency gas and hydrogen cogeneration.
  • Distribution. After production, electrical energy is distributed to consumers through the power grid. Renpro has all the competencies in electricity trading with key Distribution System Operators (DSOs), where it acts as the Responsible Party for Balancing (RPB).
  • Wholesale market trading. On the wholesale electricity market operated by the Power Exchange, Renpro sells surplus electrical energy that is not currently delivered to end consumers.
  • Transactions and contracts. Transactions on the electricity market are conducted through commercial agreements, including contracts for the supply of electrical energy that specify the price, quantity, and delivery date. There are various types of agreements, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which define conditions for trading renewable energy. Renpro offers various forms of settlement based on fixed and variable prices.
  • Monitoring and regulations. Electricity trading is closely monitored and regulated by government agencies and regulatory bodies to ensure market fairness, supply security, and compliance with environmental protection regulations. Renpro adheres to all rules and guidelines, avoiding speculative transactions.

Electricity trading aims to provide access to electrical energy for consumers, optimize the utilization of various energy sources, and effectively manage the production and distribution of electrical energy. The importance of renewable energy sources is growing, making electricity trading crucial in promoting sustainable and clean energy production.

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Electricity Producers' Support

Renewable Energy Producers’ Support refers to a wide range of activities and services provided by Renpro to companies and institutions engaged in the production of energy from renewable sources. This area is complex and covers many aspects that assist renewable energy producers in the effective and efficient generation of renewable energy.

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Here are some key elements of the service provided by Renpro for Renewable Energy Producers:

  • Design and Construction of Installations. Renpro initiates support for renewable energy producers with the design and construction of installations. This includes engineering, design, site planning, permit acquisition, and ultimately the construction of wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric power plants, and other energy sources.
  • Commencement of Renewable Energy Installation Operation. At this stage, Renpro assists producers in administrative processes related to obtaining permits for electricity generation or registration in the MIOZE Register. Renpro employees act as representatives in over 200 administrative proceedings through the URE and Settlement Administrator S.A.
  • Maintenance and Servicing. Following construction, regular maintenance, conservation, and servicing of renewable energy devices are crucial. This involves routine inspections, repairs, parts replacement, and ensuring the efficiency and reliability of installations.
  • Operations and Energy Management. Renpro provides operational management systems that enable the monitoring of energy source performance, prediction of failures, and production optimization. Services also include energy production management, including production control, energy distribution to the grid, and management of the charging and discharging cycle of energy storage facilities (Renpro Optimizer).
  • Financing Acquisition. Renewable energy producers may need support in securing financing for their projects. This may involve negotiations with banks, financial institutions, and applying for subsidies or grants.
  • Contract and Agreement Management. Renewable Energy Producers’ Service may include managing contracts and agreements with suppliers, energy consumers, the power grid, and other entities.
  • Compliance and Regulations. Renewable energy producers must comply with regulations related to renewable energy production, including environmental and tax regulations. This service helps ensure compliance with legal requirements, including:
    • settling negative balance with the Settlement Administrator S.A.,
    • periodic reporting to the Energy Regulatory Office,
    • daily SOGL reports,
    • sales settlement on behalf of the Producers.
  • Development and Innovation. Supporting renewable energy producers in research and development of new technologies and innovative solutions that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of renewable energy production.

Through comprehensive support for Renewable Energy Producers, Renpro contributes to the development of the renewable energy sector and increases the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix. Supporting these companies aims to accelerate the energy transition and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Design and commercialization of value-added services for electricity trading

Design and commercialization of services.

Electricity trading is the core business activity of Renpro. In practice, within this main business area, there are many tasks, projects, and additional services that, when effectively implemented, have a significant impact on the main stream of energy trading. Renpro is involved in designing and commercializing value-added services for electricity trading.

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Additional services include:

  • technical and analytical support in handling tender documentation,
  • technical and analytical support in creating offers for the sale of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES),
  • provision of advisory services, including support for clients in RES investment decisions,
  • business support in the preparation, analysis, and management of projects related to energy efficiency in buildings and businesses,
  • development and maintenance of measurement infrastructure, including the construction of our own portfolio in the field of optimization and management of electricity consumption (telemetric systems, management of customer and proprietary energy storage facilities),
  • collaboration with substantive, technological, and business partners.


Research and Development

Many Renpro services require continuous testing, verification, and improvement. These actions are part of research and development activities carried out both within our own technical, technological, and knowledge resources and with external grants. Funds obtained through national competitions enable the execution of research and development work in line with planned research agendas, leading to the development of products and services at technological maturity levels that allow for their commercialization.