RES Projects

PMO - Project Management Office

PMO (Project Management Office) is a modern project management system that has proven to be highly effective worldwide. Its concept involves comprehensive management and coordination of a given investment by a single group of managers. This group oversees the investment and ensures that its progress aligns with the investor’s expectations.

Benefits of implementing a PMO System

PMO - Project Management Office [PL]

Renpro manage over 20 RES Projects (mainly wind farms) with a total capacity exceeding 400 MW.

Why Renpro?

  • It acts as both a developer and an investor and provides advisory services for managing investments related to renewable energy, including hybrid installations utilizing legal opportunities arising from Cable pooling.
  • It also participates in the creation of energy communities, including energy clusters. Consequently, it possesses extensive experience and a broad perspective on the entire investment process, directly contributing to the quality of services and the nature of collaboration with investors.
  • Within the Project Management Office (PMO), it oversees nearly every investment from the initial concept development to commissioning.
  • It also executes individual stages of investments.
  • It serves both domestic and international investors.
The standard stages of project implementation [PL]

Spatial planning and development
in the municipality

Spatial planning is one of the pillars of Renpro’s activities and at the same time an essential element in managing municipality resources in a coordinated, optimal, and effective manner. Comprehensive preparation of local development plans, master plans, and building conditions decisions in accordance with legal regulations will enable the municipality and property owners to balance development opportunities and optimize the economic value of land. Renpro creates plans with a wide range of specialization including environmental, cultural, and infrastructural, based on its own team of planners and industry specialists with 20 years of experience and significant planning achievements.

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Renpro specializes in:

  • municipality development strategies,
  • municipality master plans,
  • local spatial development plans (including plans subject to simplified procedures),
  • integrated investment plans,
  • building conditions decisions,
  • decisions on the location of public purpose investments.


Renpro prepares comprehensive documentation based on legal regulations, procedures indicated in the law, in accordance with the identified needs and potential of the municipality. The scope and division of tasks are to be agreed upon with the Ordering Party.