Planning services

Spatial Planning and
Development in the Municipality

Spatial Planning is one of the pillars of Renpro’s activities and simultaneously an essential element in managing municipality resources in a coordinated, optimal, and effective manner. Comprehensive preparation of local development plans, master plans, and decisions regarding development conditions in accordance with legal regulations will enable the municipality and property owners to balance development opportunities and optimize the economic value of land. Renpro creates plans with a wide range of specializations, including environmental, cultural, and infrastructural, based on its proprietary team of planners and industry specialists with 20 years of experience and significant planning achievements.

We prepare comprehensive studies based on legal regulations, procedures outlined in the law, in accordance with the identified needs and potential of the municipality. The scope and division of tasks are to be agreed upon with the Ordering Party.

We prepare:

  • municipality development strategies,
  • general municipality plans,
  • local spatial development plans (including plans subject to simplified procedures),
  • integrated investment plans,
  • development condition decisions,
  • decisions on the determination of the location of investments for public purposes.